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herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine is the ancient practice of using natural materials in a synergy to affect a physiological change within the body. The materials range from plants to animal to minerals. Some modern providers of herbal medicine have incorporated biochemistry & nutrition to the ancient formulations to serve our updated understanding of medicine and today's needs. The original formulations were so adeptly crafted that that they still serve us well today, and the wisdom present at their inception will always be at their core.

The first principal in the formulation of herbal medicine is synergy among the active constituents. This balance mitigates any undesirable properties present in the individual herbs. They are formulated to be powerful yet subtle in their actions, to be effective without feeling like a harsh pharmaceutical medication. Herbal medicine can be used alone but is is most effective in conjunction with acupuncture. The formulas are used to sustain the affects achieved in treatment in between appointments. The effects are cumulative so that over time they help the body heal itself by helping it to balance the conditions that are present. The ultimate goal is to move on from a treatment once the issue has improved.

The most important part of the practice of herbal medicine is choosing the right foods and nutrition. What we put into and onto our bodies each day has an immediate and lasting affect on our health and wellbeing. Simple tools to make better dietary choices can make major changes in overall health.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, please notify us so we can prepare your formulas accordingly.


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